Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Short Observation

Shorts are not really acceptable casual wear for women in NYC.
Capris, yes.
Skirts and dresses, definitely yes.
Flowing linen trousers are also fine.
Shorts seem to be reserved for workouts and beaches.
(or tourists)


Laura (B) L said...

I haven't worn shorts in years....unless I am in MI.

chelle said...

why do you think this is the case? I do agree though, shorts aren't my fave.

Michelle said...

A couple of years ago I swore I wouldn't wear capris. Now my closet knows nothing else in the summer. Hmm, it's amazing how perspective changes over time.

Dana said...

I think it's a nod to a certain formality that still lingers here.

Laurie said...

Funny. Terry cloth shorts and sweatshirt material shorts should be banned however, even in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

bermuda shorts are having a comeback, though, especially with boots (I know this from my cute babysitters!)
Karen C.

Lorraine said...

Duly noted.