Sunday, April 22, 2007


The weather here, with temps in the high 70's and pure, blissful sunshine, is encouraging the whole city to swarm to the parks and enjoy the flowering trees and warm breezes. The restaurants and cafes are putting out their sidewalk tables and people are lingering in clustered conversations on doorsteps and street corners. On days such as this, New York City transforms; the pace slows and people smile more.

I have an Earth Day confession which may cause me to be exiled from the city. Ready?
I haven't seen An Inconvenient Truth yet (Duck; the stones will begin to fly any second now). I am concerned about global warming, certainly; I recycle, I wash my clothes in cold water, I turn off the lights and handwash many a dish rather than use paper and plastic products. I would wish for a hybrid car if wishing for a car would do any good. People here assume that everyone has seen the movie, and it is referenced often and enthusiastically. The salesman at the Apple store even used it as a selling point. "If you check out Keynote (Apple software program), you'll recognize that Al Gore used it to make An Inconvenient Truth." And I nodded like Sure, I knew that, of course I've seen that movie, who hasn't? But I had not a clue.

Maybe I'll watch the movie tonight in honor of Earth Day. Or maybe I'll just go outside and appreciate the beauty of God's creation, instead.

Steve came home Wednesday, and we joyfully welcomed him back. I made hamburgers for dinner, which caused Steve to reminisce about Mr. Fables restaurant (For those of you who are not Grand Rapidians-- Mr. Fables was a West Michigan cafeteria-style restaurant that was a staple for many years. Zagats would probably give it a negative number of stars).
"Mr. Fables," I said sentimentally, "Do you remember our first date was there?" (sad, but true).
"Yeah," said Steve, with tenderness and a far away look in his eyes. "And do you remember the Mr. Fabulous burger?"

One last thing, which my older brother Eric wanted to make sure you knew.
Justin Timberlake is his favorite singer of all time and he wishes that everyone sang with such a sweet falsetto.
Right, Eric?


Laurie said...

Since Al Gore invented the internet, it's only fitting that your computer salesman would reference his movie. =)

chelle said...

On Al Gore's Movie:

Dana, have you been in a "lock box" or something? Every self respecting New Yorker has seen that movie :)

On Mr. Fables:

MMMMM....tastey. Mr. Burger is a close runner up.

On Eric's apparent dislike for Justin Timberlake:


Lorraine said...

No stones but you won't regret watching the movie when you get around to it. I was surprised at how much I learned.

And snaps to you for your reduced carbon footprint. That's the point of the movie, anyway. I just read an article in Time about ways to reduce your footprint and living in a big city is one of them...the density, the public transportation/walking/bicycling thing, etc. So there you go.

Mmmm. Burgers.

Teasing brothers...even better.

MiniMe Mom said...

I have not seen the movie either. This could cause some controversy, but my friend that lives in Alaska says some parts are hogwash. Yes, one glacier is contracting, but proportionately another is expanding-- yet they leave out the expanding glacier and show only the photographic evidence that is in line with their point.

Still, I guess it never hurts to be aware of preserving the environment:-)

fig said...

References to movies are used all the time. How many times don't you find yourself repeating a line from a movie in your normal conversation? Of course, most of mine are from "Christmas Vacation" or "Dumb and Dumber". I was quite out of it for a while when some phrases were being thrown around and I didn't understand them until I finally watched "Napoleon Dynamite" Did Justin Timberlake sing a song or two in that movie, Eric?