Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Darth Vader(ette) Does Her Homework

Steve has been gone for 2 weeks now, fund raising, sharing the vision for a church in lower Manhattan, and visiting friends old and new. With the weather being what it has, the kids and I have been inside our cozy apartment more than we would like. We're starting to go a little stir-crazy and are looking for any and all distractions (such as doing homework while peering through a Darth Vader mask? It was fine until she started to hyperventilate a bit, trying to make her breathing sound authentically Vader-ish).

Today, in another desperate attempt at diversion, we waited for a half hour in 40 degree, rainy, and windy weather for a free Ben and Jerry's ice cream cone (thank you, Annemarie, Honor and Ezra, for keeping us company and protecting us from the very, er, eager B&J line monitor).

It's time for Steve to come home.


Anonymous said...

Darth Vader - Our grandson, Joey (Todd & Laura), wants to wear his Darth Vader costume 24/7. And Laura as easy going as she is, lets him (I haven't seen it at church yet - thank goodness). I'm sure it's been a long two weeks for you. Hang in there - summer's coming!!! Carol K

chelle said...

You must be going cuckoo for cocoa puffs right about now. He's almost home, hang in there!

Laura (B) L said...

I see that you have a balmy 49 degrees and cloudy right now. That must seem like bathing suit time. We were in Boston this past 6 days and enjoyed some of that Nor' Easter with you....Ben ran the Boston Marathon in the freezing cold, wet weather with 23,000 other people who are nuts.

Sally Lloyd-Jones said...

this photo made my day
even Darth Vader has to do homework!
who knew?

thanks for the smile!

Lorraine said...

That's classic. Reminds me of some pink rubber vampire teeth that The Child would don when she was angry.