Thursday, March 08, 2007

Somebody Give That Thing a Good Kick

The weather machine here seems too be stuck on the Extraordinarily Cold and Windy setting. Average temps for this time of year are the high 40's; we've been having wind chills that are below zero. Does anyone have the number for a good repairman?

I realized earlier this week that I am feeling actual hostility toward the weather, as if it were a real live adversary. I scowled and muttered at it as I rounded the corner and was socked by the wind. I talked about it behind its back, and I schemed ways to avoid running into it on the way to the grocery store.

People who learn we're from Michigan will often say something like, "Well, this weather must not bother you. You're used to winter!" Yes, we're used to winter...we're used to driving in snow and ice, we're used to snowplows and shovels, and we're used to never-ending gray skies. We're also used to pushing the remote start button for our cars, which are waiting in the attached garage. After a sufficient time, we take two steps into the toasty warm vehicle, drive to our location and park in the convenient parking lot. We then take 5 steps (maybe 10, if the lot is busy) to the toasty warm store and we're all good. I never even invested in a hat or scarf.

The difference here is that we are walking for blocks in the cold, we're waiting for the bus in the cold, we're taking the kids to the park in the cold. It's a bit ironic that we are more in tune with the weather now, in the city, than we ever were when we lived in the "country" (I use that term loosely).

Maybe it's just the chronic case of hat-head that is wearing on me.


Sonny said...

I don't envy all of that walking in this weather! I absolutely hate the snow and wind . . . but you have helped me see that I don't have it so bad! I do have a toasty vehicle to drive from place to place in.

I think if I were you, I'd take up the hobby of cussing a little . . . it might help :) JK!

I do have a sweet pair of socks that I could let you borrow - they might help. They each have a pocket that accepts a 9 volt battery . . . they're like an electric blanket for your feet! Let me know if you'd like to borrow them . . .

I heard on the weather last night that Michigan is expecting temps in the 40's and 50's over the next week . . . that should blow over to New York soon!

Lorraine said...

Ah, yes, hat head. That'll do a number on a stylish gal such as yourself. Hang in there. Soon spring will come and then the summer and then you can tell us about the warping sidewalks and sweaty walks.

Peter said...

Dang! Do Lily and I really want to spend our "spring" break in a wintery location like NYC? Looking forward to meeting you all face to face. --Pete & Lily