Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looking for New Tunes?

Have I told you about Pandora? It's a great free music website that is one of my current favorite things.

This is how Pandora works: Say you happen to like Jack Johnson (and my, what great taste you have). You enter Jack into Pandora's little box, and the folks at the Music Genome Project identify the characteristics of Jack's music that other musicians may share with him. They then create a special "radio station" just for you, streaming Jack Johnson tunes along with other similar great songs you may like. As the music plays, you can continue to customize the playlist by selecting thumbs up or thumbs down on the songs.

Have a hankering for a little Beyonce? Create a new station or simply add her to Jack's station (although the juxtaposition would be harsh. Whatever. It's your station. Do want you want).

It's a lovely thing when you have loads of work to do on the computer or simply need some background music. Just lovely.


TeSlaa said...

I am using your suggestion already and LOVE it. I may need to add it to my great finds list. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Have you read the policies and privacy issues? I am always very leery of these things. I don't seem to read them though all the way without spacing out. They do use your information to gain money and they can change things on you without much warning, right?

I'm such a downer.

Dana said...

The site agrees they won't sell your info...they make money from the ads that float around (but I don't care about the ads, the page is usually minimized while I'm listening). And I know they use cookies to figure out what ads they want to place on your screen. But I don't enable cookies, so that solves that.
I'm not tech-savvy enough to understand much more than that,tho.

chelle said...

thanks for reminding me about this! I was first turned on to Pandora by the ever hip Rob WonderG. It ranks up there with iTunes.