Sunday, March 25, 2007

Princess Marie Curie

On the bus today:

"Look, Chloe, I brought us books to look at on the bus!" Jonathan pulls his imaginary books out of his thin air backpack.
"Thanks," says Chloe, as she begins to turn the invisible pages.
"What is your book about?" I ask Jonathan.
"Dinosaurs in space."
"And what is Chloe's about?"
"Princesses," he answers.

They each take a moment to read.

"Look, Boona," Chloe demands. "This book is not about princesses. It's about science. With very important experiments. For me to do."
"Oh," he says. "Sorry." And he returns to his perusal of dinosaurs in space.

Yes, sorry indeed. We stand corrected, Marie Curie in-the-making, diva and scientist extraordinaire.


Laurie said...

Chloe sounds "spunky". Spunk is good. My dad often quotes this to talk about teaching kids, "it's better to try and contain a fire than to try to light one."

BTW, your entry entitled 'Broken In' was thought provoking and beautiful. I think parenting has many of those moments when you stop and notice what God has truly blessed you with. That's why I always have tears in my eyes when I see my kids play at a piano recital, play their first soccer game of the season, or sing up front at school or church. I think, "Wow. Thanks God for letting me be a part of her/his life."

Lorraine said...

Golly. Pretty imaginative offspring you've got there, missy.

Triplet Mom said...

I too am a fellow lover of science! I didn't realize it until college, however. How beautiful that Chloe already marvels at it! Also, what imaginations those kids have! What fun!