Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Jonathan and I were minding our own business, waiting on the corner for Chloe's bus.
I looked up to see two men walking toward me from a cab, pulling badges out of their shirts as they walked.
"Ma'am, did you call the cops?"
I shook my head. Mute.
They tucked their badges into their plainclothes shirts, turned around, and walked back to the cab, where they were still waiting when I ambled away 10 minutes later.


chelle said...

Maybe you are going to be featured on an upcoming episode of COPS.

Lorraine said...

Funny...I hear the "Law and Order" music.

Dana said...

I don't think I'd make the cut for COPS. If only I had cussed and flailed about a bit more.

Michelle said...

Shoot Dana, you missed your opportunity to make it big! If it happens again you'll be more prepared to put on your act!