Saturday, June 24, 2006


Our front room has become the Things We Won't Take With Us holding area. Every few days, I'll go though a pile of books or a jumble of old toys, whittling them away and stashing the stuff we don't need or want in the front room. I still haven't decided if I'm going to have a massive moving sale or if I'll just donate it to the local thrift store.

This process of purging is refreshing, a bit of weight off my shoulders. I won't have a hard time saying good-bye to our stuff. I started letting go of that 4 years ago when Steve decided to go to seminary.


chelle said...

Any good stuff in there for me? After my last garage sale I am feeling a bit light in the "unecessary stuff" department. Let me know if you have a moving sale :)

big dave said...

dana-man - give every thing to Stacey, she will need it. And don't you worry you fill fit right in in NY. I believe you look a lot like the statue of liberty lady!! Everyone will think you were the model. Besides, I am behind you all the way. It may be the ONLY reason for me to visit NY. I am so busy keeping up with 4 blog sites

chelle said...

don't be fooled, he has nothing else to do but check blogs all day, not unlike myself.