Thursday, June 22, 2006

Here We Go Now

We're moving to New York City.

I've said it, and now I have to stick to it.

To be honest, I never really thought it was going to happen. And I think most of our friends and family would have said the same thing. But in six short weeks, we're leaving.

I was driving to my mom and dad's house last week, and at one point I swerved a bit in order to miss a bump in the road that's been there forever. And I thought, I know this road. This road is my road. I feel like the wheels of my car are part of this road, that I am part of this road. Mostly, I realized that I knew who I was on that road. But I was already slightly less connected to the road than I had been a few months before, when moving to NYC seemed a possibility rather than an eventuality. And I'll keep pulling away, until I am hovering somewhere in limbo, between Grand Rapids and New York.

How long will it be until I'm connected again?


chelle said...

I am so glad you have entered the fascinating world of blogging--Enjoy! I look forwrad to your posts :)

chelle said...

To answer your question, I bet it won't take you too long to feel connected to NYC. It seems as if part of your heart and soul are already there. Who knew you were really just a city girl??

Karyl said...

When I awoke and heard the gentle waking sounds of birds and breezes I took and deep breath and was filled with gratitude for another day of breathing and joining in this gift of living. One of the first thoughts was of this message on your blog about knowing the road you are currently on and all that is yet to be known. It stricks me that your message was a metaphor for heaven. That we know this human journey and walk it out for all of our days and that there will come a time in the yet to be known that the journey and the road will be different.
The God I know, the fair and just, loving God that I know on this road and in this mortal way is the same God that will be with me in the next and that is all that I need to know. What is yet to be? a new path a new journey here, in NYC, in heaven and the same God will be with us even in the not yet known.

Dana said...

Thank you for your beautiful insight, Karyl.