Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'll Miss 'Em When We Leave

As diverse as NYC is, there are some things in GR that can't be replaced.

  • Wealthy Street Bakery: I'll have a cinnamon roll for breakfast, a scone for lunch, and a giant lemon bar for dinner. Top it off with some fair trade coffee, and I'm all set.
  • Heritage Hill Tour of Homes: My mom and I have walked this beautiful tour every fall for the past 5 years...a girl can dream of 4,000 rambling square feet complete with fantastic architecture and excellent interior design.
  • Little Bohemia: As many times as I've been in this store, I've never bought anything. When someone does most of their clothes shopping on the run through Target, a store like this is akin to an art exhibit.
  • Adobe In N Out: A giant chicken burrito and large diet for less than $5. A Dutch girl's Mexican cuisine utopia.
  • The Potters House School: A good school with a great mission.

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