Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just the Same, Only with Higher Heels

As part of our anniversary celebration yesterday, Steve and I saw the very romantic Iron Man. (Don't despair for us, friends, the real celebration comes at the tail end of June, when we're going away for a week. Just he and I, the beach, and a margarita or two.)

At the movie theater, we saw lines and lines of women, dressed in their very trendiest. Sex and the City was sold out all across town.

Steve glanced briefly down the line.
Huh. It's no different than when all the Star Wars fanatics dressed in character and lined up before the opening of Episode I.

Yep. Darth Vader with Manolo Blahniks. That's a nice visual.


chelle said...

SATC was a good flick.
catch it if you can!

Lorraine said...

Bwah hahahahaha! Classic.

The Spouse asked if I was going to where my Manolos when I went to see the flick. I reminded him that I don't have any.

I may do my hair, though.