Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Today's Weather Forecast, by Jonathan

My computer has a little weather widget that gives a quick glimpse at the weather conditions. The widget lists current temps, the day's forecast high, and a little icon that shows if it's sunny, or cloudy, or rainy...
It's become part of our morning routine that Chloe clicks on the widget and gives me a quick idea of how to prepare to meet the elements. "It's 32 and cloudy, Mom. Supposed to get to 48," or "Right now it's 41 and sunny." That kind of thing.

Jonathan has decided that he wants in on the weatherman gig. Only, he checked the widget before the sun came up.
"Ok, Jonathan, what's the weather like?" I asked.
His answer: "42 and moony, mom."

Have a lovely, moony morning.


Lorraine said...

Moony. Awesome.

And for the record, it's actually clear and sunny here today. But there was ice on my car windows.

Sonny said...

How cute is that?