Thursday, April 10, 2008

73 and Sunny

Weather conditions such as this call for a rousing game of t-ball, preceded by a slice and some playground action.

That's some big, floppy pizza. Good thing dad is there to help ensure proper pepperoni placement.

Chloe focuses on showing the ball and bat in its best light, while Steve adjusts the tee (the kiddos have added some inches since last year).

First base, the bench (who can be blamed for taking a brief respite there?)
Second base, the crack in the sidewalk
Third base, the tree trunk (touching the low hanging branch counts as safe)


Laurie said...

Your concrete field is beautiful. And I see a lot of skinned knees in your future. :)

fig said...

Looks like fun and no grass stains! You will have to "man-up" to slide into second. Pizza sure looks good. Was it New York style?

Lorraine said... happens every spring...

Michelle said...

Oh the difference between the city and the country. What fun!