Saturday, April 19, 2008


Spring Cleaning 101:

1. Allow the clear blue skies of the past few days to inspire you to achieve spring freshness inside your home.
2. Meticulously hunt down and remove all dust and grime.
3. Open windows to let in fresh air.
4. Realize quickly that all previously removed dust has been replaced with a new, fresh layer of city blech, which has blown in through the open windows.
5. Without a backward glance, join the fam on a meander across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Too bad it clouded over just as we took our first steps on the bridge.
Still, a great way to spend late Saturday afternoon.


danno said...

Did you see the pope?

Laurie said...

Not too hard to spot the Dutch boy on the bridge! :)

Dana said...

No pope spottings, Danno, tho his little popemobile entourage had all the roads closed down in our hood when he visited the WTC site, and quite ironically, PREVENTED people from getting to our church Sunday morning.