Sunday, October 14, 2007

You Tell Me

Good Morning, Blogsville. A few questions for you on this lovely fall day.
After it rains here, or sometimes just because it's NYC, giant water cockroaches will scurry across the sidewalk. They're at least an inch long and quite bulky, so they can't move as fast as their little German cockroach cousins. I've seen many a person lift up their foot and squash the roach dead, taking out all their cockroach resentment on one (ugly, deserving, just plain gross) hapless bug. Steve once witnessed a little boy of about two, begging his nanny not to kill the nice little bug. The nanny barely paused before she lifted her boot-shod foot and brought it down again with a crunch. When people do that, I feel as if they're doing the city a favor, stopping one roach from reproducing into how many thousands more.
My friend Anne Marie, a long time New Yorker and over all city-savvy kind of lady, once told me that if you happen to step on a pregnant roach, a roach with eggs, the eggs can get stuck to the bottom of your shoe. A few steps later, you enter your apartment with an egg laden shoe, ushering all kinds of mayhem into your very home. Blech. I shudder when I think about the possibility.
Can this be true? Anyone an entomologist by hobby or by trade?
On a totally unrelated note,
Some acquaintances of mine recently attended a different church. This church, brand-spanking new and eager to welcome people into their community, does something that gives me pause.
They give a Starbucks gift card, valued at $5, to first time visitors. Attached to the card is a handwritten note of welcome from the pastor.
And I wonder...
What do you think about that? Would it make you want to come back to the church? And if so, would you come back hoping to see what Week #2's gift would be?


Lorraine said...

Roach eggs. Eeeww.

Church bribes. Double eeeewww.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any scientific evidence, but I'm with AM. As a New Yorker, I never kill the things out and about. Too squishy. If I have to kill one at home (on a rare occasion), I use a shoe and immediately wash it!
Karen C.

Shann said...

About the roach eggs...I did a little research and discovered that it is dependent on the soles of your shoes. ie...smooth
soles = little chance for survival...while sports type shoe treads = possible survival!!

Just trying to help a sister out!! I can honestly say I have never seen a roach in person...but knowing is half the battle!

Triplet Mom said...

Bribing... it's not just for teachers anymore! Ha!

Marilyn said...

Dana, I always enjoy your blogs.
God doesn't need Starbucks to help him along and only diminishes His Great Power. Faithful preaching will keep them there hungering for more of the Word. Keep up the great blogging. Marilyn

MiniMe Mom said...
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Jude H said...

Hey Dana! So sorry you never hear from me. My pc is sooooo slow I usually just get to the girls' blogs. Chelle keeps me updated on you and your family. We pray for you and your ministry too. As for the coffee bribe,I can't stand the stuff so it wouldn't do a thing for me, however a donut might!

Sonny said...

It's not called bribing . . . it's called positive reinforcement.

I don't know that I agree with it . . . the warm welcome, the friendly people and the well-run programming should speak for itself.

You can offer some positive reinforcement, but if the above things aren't present . . . no amount of bribery or gifts will get them back . . . and if they do, what are the true reasons for them coming?

Ava Ligh said...

about that starbucks bribe... way to make it NOT about Jesus.

Anne Marie said...

ok about the starbucks....
and good have a memory like a steel trap or what?! when did I talk about roaches??!!!??

in nashville, after going to a service at a Morning Star church, I found a beautiful, fresh loaf of bread from a local bakery on my door and a note thanking me for coming the very next day. and you know what? I thought it was very thoughtful.
and yummy.