Friday, October 12, 2007

In an Attempt to Influence the Poll

Michelle recently added a poll to her blog.

"Do you think you could live in New York City?"

Not only can I live here, I love living here.

I'm a bit in the minority, according to Michelle's very official and extensive poll.

If you can't stand the thought of living here, perhaps I could convince you to visit? Check out Tina's blog about the girls' time here (we had a great time) and watch this latest release from NYCVisit (I think it's well done), and then give me your answer. I'll start inflating the aerobeds.


chelle said...

It is magical, NYC. I just want to come back every season. Well, maybe not dead of winter. Dan & I said we could probably live there, except that we would have to live in Queens so it wouldn't be quite as magical as Manhattan.

My poll is slightly skewed, considering most voters have never visited NYC. It only takes one visit and you are hooked.

Amy and Scott said...

Love that video. :)

Love this city.

Lorraine said...

I fell in love with NY the first time I went there and it is one of the few cities in the US that I could see myself living in besides Seattle. Great, great town.

And you know, I just think it is such a blessing that you love it so much. I never really thought about this before but your call to go there didn't necessarily come with a guarantee that you'd be abundantly happy in your new home. (Or maybe there was some sort of Abramic thing going on there).

God is good.

Lorraine said...

Oh, and Chelle, actually, Queens is pretty cool. Good Greek food.

MiniMe Mom said...

Never been to NY, but I could easily live there (provided my husband was no longer on a teacher's salary). I love the pulse of a big city.