Friday, October 19, 2007

Pigtails, Four Days and Counting

On Tuesday, Chloe asked to have her hair done "different."

This, coming from a child who used to spaz if I approached her with anything resembling a ribbon or barrette (remember that, Mom?).

After a few tries, we settled on pig tails. (Her hair has finally regrown enough since the drastic repairs following The Self-Induced Cut incident.)

That afternoon at parent teacher conferences, her teacher mentioned to me that one of the little boys in her class had told Chloe that her pigtails made her the most beautiful girl in the school. When I arrived home that evening, I asked Chloe if anyone had commented on her pigtails. She told me that one little boy thought she looked pretty and another one told her she "looked like she was in high school!"

It's not hard to guess how Little Miss wanted her styled the next day. And the next.

Those first graders sure know how to compliment their ladies, don't they?


Lorraine said...

Oh. My. Yord.

chelle said...

ahh, now you must find out who this little boy admirer is and keep an eye on him :)

Triplet Mom said...

I just tried pigtails on Olivia. She has just enough hair in the back. However, her bangs aren't long enough. I say she looks like a boy in front and a girl in the back.

Laurie said...

Love this post Dana. Pigtails do drive the boys crazy! I wore pigtails everyday to school until the sixth grade (I'm so not kidding) and then my mom told me I could cut my hair into whatever style I wanted. I was so proud of my new, short, Dorothy Hamill inspired do until my bestfriend (who just happened to be a boy) told me he liked my pigtails better. Oh the heartbreak.

Work those pigtails Chloe.

Marc said...

Hmmm. I don't remember any of this sort of thing going on in first grade.

But then again, I was never really in the social loop.