Monday, September 10, 2007

Trying on the Words for Size

I walked around the corner of the kids' room today to see Jonathan scuttle into his closet.
He had a pencil in his hand and guilt in his countenance.
I turned in the direction from which he had come and discovered the beginnings of a stick figure scribbled on the back of the door.

"Jonathan!" I said in my You're in Trouble Now tone.
"I'm sorry Mama! I'm so sorry!" came the voice from the closet.
"Jonathan, come out here," I said. "You knew that what you were doing was wrong, didn't you?"
"Jonathan, if you knew what you were doing was wrong, why did you choose to do it?" I suppose I was probing his understanding of original sin, maybe just a bit. His answers told me more than I would have guessed.

" uh...I was nervous?"
"No, I don't think you were nervous."
"Because I was, um, disappointed?"
"No, not disappointed."
"Because I was just a teeny bit confused!"
"How were you confused?'

Pause. Two. Three. Four.

"Because I was confused! I thought wrong was right and right was wrong! So I was doing right!" He smiled such a confident smile then, sure that his four year old mind had just out-logicked his own mama. Surely there was no way I could find fault with him after that!

How could I not laugh?
Seriously. That boy.
He still sat in the naughty chair, tho.


Ava Ligh said...

TOO FUNNY! Love that boy!

fig said...

That is some deep thinking, not unlike his daddy.

chelle said...

Dan & I LOL about this story. We fondly remember Boone snuggling up to Dan on your sofa when we visited, he is quite a character!

gina said...

Okay, that is just hilarious! And reminiscent of my own son, back when he was the same age. I've always contended he should be a lawyer, he's so danged good at arguing his way out of stuff. Oh, and his name is Jonathan too!