Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Have I mentioned that we're starting a church?

It's great.

The community that's developing is great.

And the logo is really great, wouldn't you say?

You can even check out our (temporary but still great) website here.


chelle said...

It looks wonderful! It really explains what CFC is all about.
Thanks for sharing!

Anne Marie said...

I love it!
who did your beautiful logo?
I love it!

Lorraine said...

Dana, the logo AND the website ARE great. What a fine mission statement. God bless your work!

fig said...

Fig loves it. Very clear, neat, and meaningful. was made on a Mac!

gina said...

Wow! Awesome logo! And great website! How exciting to be involved in the starting of a new church. I pray God will richly bless you all!

Laurie said...

Logo is cool. Jesus is cool.