Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My New Crush

I've got a new crush, and this time it's not food-related.

His name is Sufjan Stevens, and he's a born and raised Yooper (Friends from NYC and elsewhere, this means that he's from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan--the part that does not at all resemble a mitten. It resembles a...big hunk of land). And this crush is purely auditory.

I listened to his album, Illinoise, for a good portion of our trip this past week. His music is the kind that grows on me each time I listen and different layers of the song are revealed.

Check it out for yourself. This is the song, "The Worst Christmas Ever," from his album Songs for Christmas. Not a jolly tune, this one, but it's interesting.


Laura said...

Your new crush is my old crush. Did you know that he was in my year at Hope? He is amazing. We have been fortunate to see him play in some small venues here in Seattle the last few years. Now that is sweet.

gina said...

Tag, Dana. You're it! :)

kari jo said...

his cover 'greetings from michigan' was
designed by a redeemerite,
laura normandin.
v. cool. :) kj