Friday, June 22, 2007

It, Again.

Gina tagged me a few days ago, and things have been so busy that I've not had a chance to do my part and tell you a few things about me...

  1. I saw a commercial for an iPhone the other day and was overwhelmed with a longing to own that beautiful piece of Apple innovation. My word, I thought, I haven't wanted to own something this badly since... (Here I paused to seriously consider the matter, because it has been a Long Time.) Yep. I haven't wanted to own something this badly since the Cabbage Patch Kid season of 1983.
  2. I was a waitress for a time during my extensive job hopping career. Part of my job included, erm, line dancing. I still have a bit of foot shuffling Pavlovian response when I hear the song, "God Blessed Texas."
  3. Jonathan just interrupted me to ask if he could have "two slices of paper" for his stickers.
  4. We're hesitantly happy that we've finally named this yet unborn faith community that we are working on: City Fellowship Church. It's a bit like naming a choose a name before the baby is born, but you don't really know if the name will fit until you see your newborn's face. Sometimes it's perfect, sometimes you take one look and you know that no way is this kid a Harry; he's a Peter for sure. So we wait to see how God builds this church and if City Fellowship is fitting.
Now you know and my It obligations are complete.
I must away. We're off to our fourth dinner engagement of the week.
Not that I'm complaining.


Karyl said...

City Fellowship Church...just right

The one reason that CJ had a difficlut time leaving for Mongolia in May and not June was that he really wanted to see and have the new phone. Even funnier now that he has no electricity or running water in his village. There are no computers or cell phones, but the Apple that did tempt him, and I might as well be honest too.

Lorraine said...

That's a great name.

And those iPhones are way cooler than Cabbage Patch dolls.

Mom P. said...

Check out the front page of the "Your Life" section of the Monday, June 25th. GR Press, you'll want one of those phones even more. I didn't have a clue what they were until I read the article.