Friday, July 14, 2006

What Chloe Learned in The Big Apple

We took an early flight back to GR this morning and are glad to be home (although we now look at this house with different eyes--it all seems bigger than it had before we left).

About an hour after we arrived, Chloe plopped down in front of me with a cup and her recorder. "Mom, I'll play my flute and if you like what I play, you'll put money in my cup. If you really like what I play, you'll put a lot of money in my cup."

What does this say about her future occupation? What does it say about me, that I only put a quarter in that cup and Steve had already laid down a good dollar's worth of change? Hmm.


Triplet Mom said...

Dana, I had a good laugh about Chloe's future occupation! That is so cute!

fig said...

Don't worry Dana, Ross tried the French Horn - it didn't last.