Saturday, July 08, 2006

We Found It.

Yep. We found a perfect apartment this morning and put in our application. We'll find out on Monday if we're approved. It's a "cozy" (that's NYC realtor talk) 2 bedroom on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (92nd and West End Ave, if you have a map). We had to pay a little bit more than we were hoping, but after seeing some super scary places yesterday, we decided it was worth it. The part I'm most excited about is that it is near a most excellent playground for the kids. I met a guy with two children of his own who already lives in the building. He sang the praises of the neighborhood, the building management, and the school across the street, which costs $10,000 a month to attend. I'll pass on that, I think.

"Thank you, God" keeps running through my head.


chelle said...

Oh Dana!

I was hoping to read some blogging from NYC today! I pray you get this place! How great to check this BIG item off the list. Look forward to hearing more.

k said...

i am so happy to hear that you found some rooms in a building that will hopefully become your home. how are the kids enjoying the most excellent adventure?

i hope the life blood there is palpable and that you are giddy with enthusiasm for this next chapter.

julie said...

I knew you would find what you were meant to find. An awesome playground could not be better. What fun. Just make sure you find some good purse shopping areas! HA!

Michelle said...

Dana, I've been hoping you were going to post updates while you were gone! So glad to hear you found a place to live. Makes it that much more real. God is in control! How'd Chloe's interview go?