Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking

Here are the good things I can think of when it comes to living in a tiny apartment many flights up.

  • We'll have less to clean
  • We won't have to worry about our cardiovascular health
  • We'll discover what things are really necessary
  • I'll have an excuse for not cooking in a tiny kitchen
  • Help me, here...


Anonymous said...

Lower heating/cooling bills.
Wearing out your shoes from climbing stairs - and so many shoe stores in NY.
Reliance on water rather than soda (not POP) so you don't have to haul returnable bottles down stairs.
From one who did it for a couple of years, you will have thighs of steel!

Anonymous said...

-Less stuff equals more freedom.
-Tired kids at the end of the day
-Better views than on the 1st floor
-More reasons to be "out" living than "in".
-You'll be able to hear your visitors coming from floors away!
It will be a big change from the house you are in now but I suspect even though it may be a similar size to our old Morrison dorm room it will bring you intense joy.

chelle said...

thighs of steel--excellent perk I must say.

Our prayers go with you this next week! May God reveal to you just the apartment he has already planned for your family.

Take lots of photos!