Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Sue said...

Wow, great space!!! My name is Sue - we met once before (Ben's ordination, maybe?) -- I'm a friend of Ben & Christy, member of Bridgeway, "pastor's wife" on hiatus ... :) Jacie told me about your blog and I've enjoyed visiting from time to time. We saw Ben a few weeks ago and were thrilled to hear of all these really cool things happening ... God's pretty amazing, I'd say! :) Anyway, just wanted to check in and say hi -- our prayers are with all of you on this trip of a lifetime!

fig said...

Hey, great looking place. Jude and I have been in Montana hunting. (Not Jude of course) We visited Gary and Julie Theule there and went to their church. It is amazing the differences between your church location and theirs. (at the base of the rocky mts.) And yet God's word is spread to all the same. He is awesome.