Wednesday, September 03, 2008

2 Conversations

Chloe started it.

Mom, my tummy feels like I ate too many sweet tarts. It's like all jumbly and mixed up and excited and nervous.
Oh, honey, is it because of school tomorrow?
Yeah... it's kinda like I can't wait to go but I'm still nervous.
What exactly are you excited about?
Seeing my friends.
What are you nervous about?
Oh, just... it's just because I just don't know exactly what's going to happen.

Jonathan piped in.
Mama? We need to talk.
Yes, babe, do you need to talk about school, too?
No. We need to talk about glow in the dark vampire teeth.


chelle said...

that kid is so Emo.
Jonathan of course. :)

Laura said...

and what did you SAY about glow in the dark vampire teeth? now that is the real question.

Triplet Mom said...

My tummy felt like I ate too many sweet tarts on my first day back at grad school on a new campus. I can relate.

Melissa said...

"deep thoughts" by Jonathan.
That kid cracks me up!

Amy and Scott said...

I just can't believe that you have never had that talk with him before. You can't shelter him forever you know. Oh yeah-Chloe prays for him daily in class that he will not be nervous at school and that he will do his best. It's super cute.

Lorraine said...

I'm really glad you're writing these things down. Priceless stuff.ddl