Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Split Second Insanity

I acknowledged today that
every time I'm on the subway or walking down the street
and I see someone having an animated conversation with the voices in their head,
I do the briefest of double checks--
Wondering if someone is really there holding up the second half of that conversation, and I don't see them.
(Which would make me the one with perception of reality issues.)
It happens so quickly, barely a glimmer of thought, but I still do it.
Every time.
Lingering effects of working as a psych nurse for a summer, I think.


Triplet Mom said...

You should first check both ears for a Bluetooth phone! I've often thought people were talking to me and I answer them... they were not. That makes me the fool!

Nicole said...

I actually just encountered that at Starbucks today while waiting in line!

Lorraine said...

What Triplet Mom said. Man, if I had a nickle...