Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Outcomes Management

This past weekend Steve and I took the R train to Queens to join some friends for dinner.

At 34th street, a man stepped in and started asking people for money.
His method was unorthodox.
No song or dance, no dramatic story of love and loss.
He simply walked over and held out his hand.
It wasn't all that successful.

When this person reached the man across the aisle from us, who turned his head and looked at the floor without placing a single coin in the outstretched hand, it was time for a new approach.

He began throwing a penny in the direction of anyone who did not give him anything.

Disturbing, but
decidedly more effective.


most people said...

I feel terribly uncomfortable

Amy and Scott said...

I guess he didn't need the coins as badly as he claimed then huh? I once had a guy crawling on the subway floors hissing like a snake at never really know what will happen once you leave your front door do you?!