Thursday, November 23, 2006

Of Things Thanksgiving

We had a plan, and the plan was as follows:

  • Gather up snacks, hot chocolate, warm blankets, and deck of cards

  • Locate and don long underwear, snow pants, mittens, hats, scarves

  • Claim a section of sidewalk along Central Park West at approx. 6:30 am

  • Make friends with fellow settlers to decrease the likelihood of sidewalk theft in the case of absence due to bathroom breaks

  • Settle in the for the long haul

  • Enjoy one of the best parades in the world

We forgot to add a crucial element: Find a way to manipulate the weather.


Yesterday afternoon it became clear that the weather was not going to be in a similar state come parade time, and we abandoned the parade plans. As a substitute, we walked to the area around the Museum of Natural History and watched hundreds of people in Macy's jumpsuits inflate the gargantuan balloons.

This morning, with Steve in NJ on a preaching assignment, the kids and I still made hot chocolate and watched the parade--in our apartment. Jonathan lasted for a full 5 minutes, then pronounced that the parade was only for mamas and girls. Chloe and I watched the whole thing, loving every Broadway song and celebrity endorsement. And with every soggy float that rolled across the screen, I was incredibly thankful that we were warm and dry indoors. It is Thanksgiving, after all.

After the parade, Chloe and I discussed the best way to decorate the apartment for Christmas, considering that we left our boxes of decorations in Michigan. We searched for supplies and started to create.

The not-too-shabby-if-a-bit-resembling-a-classroom results:


Marc said...

"Jonathan lasted for a full 5 minutes, then pronounced that the parade was only for mamas and girls."

That's my kind of guy!

Lorraine said...

How cool to be in the place where something fab like this takes place and then to have the luxury of NOT going. Sounds like fun. (And of course, I was actually picturing all this in black & white, with Chloe looking like Natalie Wood).