Sunday, August 29, 2010

Corny Island

It seems I've recently been many a place where bathing in Purell upon leaving seems a good idea.

Which brings me to my trip to Coney Island with the kiddos last week. It only took me four years to get there, but then, I've not been to the Statue of Liberty or the top of the Empire State building yet, either.

Coney Island was fascinating in a run-down, decrepit kind of way. I caught glimpses of the past glory... if I squinted my eyes so the grime and peeling paint weren't so obvious, the hot dog stands and carnival games became quaint and old-timey. As is usually the case, people watching was the main attraction. And boy howdy. Were the people there an attraction. Notice I said an attraction, not necessarily attractive...


braaaaaaad said...

Huh. I always thought it was an amusement park.

I would have been disappointed too.

Anonymous said...

squinty eyes - good idea.
i can use that a lot of
places in new york.

love from the uws,
would love to catch up
if our lives intersect in
any way :)
kari jo