Thursday, February 18, 2010

Subway Sing Along

There are two competing subway singers on the RW trains in the afternoons.
One is a group of men who sing Oldies but Goodies in four part harmony.
The other is a blind person of indiscriminate gender who sticks to Da Ya Think I'm Sexy, for the most part.
I've seen them in the corner of the platform, negotiating who gets which train, and when.

I've started to give them change after they pass by. Not so much because I appreciate their singing, but more so because I realized earlier this week, as a result of an eyebrow lifted glare from Chloe, that I unintentionally sing along with them. Oops.

"God bless you," they say, when my couple quarters fall to the bottom of their hat.

"No, God bless you", I think, "for providing me with subway karaoke opportunities." And one day, I promise, I'll get up and sing with them for real.

I'm quite certain they will not be God-blessing me then.

1 comment:

MiniMe Mom said...

After hearing your vocal stylings Friday night at Japas 38, I respectfully disagree.