Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Next Door Neighbor

Dear Next Door Neighbor,
It was pleasant enough to meet you the few brief times that we've crossed paths, and I'm sure you're a lovely person all around. You're not loud, and you've never complained about the occasional times that Jonathan may scream like a girl at 6:00 in the morning while he plays Wii.


Ground beef sauteed with onions mixed with patchouli and pot is a smell that I never, ever need to smell again.



July Days said...

love the Blogs, say for ages reading them, really nice insights and great quotes, nice to see someone who appreciates the tick of time and the fragility of opportunity.

Lawrence (Melbourne, Australia)

Tina said...

I just realized I got the ax from your blog it because I blog every 6 mo? I don't blame you! For cripes sake, I can't even remember my password to post this comment....