Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Wouldn't Do That if I Were You.

What's that? You want my opinion on something? Always happy to oblige.
Here's my Unrecommended List:

  • Popping wasabi peas into your mouth without being fully aware of what you are eating. I also don't recommend eating wasabi peas at all while you're trying to make small talk with a person you just met.
    This is especially true if the latter part of this un-recommendation is in play.

  • Wearing flip flops in the rain in NYC.
    It's a bit of an equation: crap on the sidewalk + water = liquification > my tolerance of said liquified substance on my bare feet. And yes, I just realized that I have previously posted about excrement and flip flops and their convergence on my feet. Perhaps I should unrecommend wearing flip flops altogether.... nah.

  • Making eye contact with the man on the subway who just took a bite out of his beer can. Or asking him if he wants to share some of that fine lookin' malt beverage.

  • Shots of Easy Cheese, straight up. Matthew.

  • Fanny packs.
  • Allowing yourself to talk yourself into wearing shoes that pinch. Oh, they're not that bad, and I'm not walking that far... Yes. They are. And Yes. You are.
  • Eating those mysterious styrofoam chips that come with pad thai. What are those things? And why do I taste one each time I order, thinking that maybe this time they'll taste like something other than crunchy air?
  • And finally, I unrecommend waiting two weeks between blog posts. Sorry about that!


Matthew said...

I'm so sorry, D. I can't hep it if you're a light-weight when it comes to cheese.

Laurie said...

I will try to follow your recommendations Dana if and when I ever visit New York. Yep, that's right. Never been.