Saturday, August 29, 2009

School Shoes are Just Too... Not Crocs!

That was a quote from Jonathan as I helped him see that, indeed, his new school shoes were not too small, nor too big, too wide, too black, too high. Eventually he gave up and got to the heart of the matter - School shoes are not Crocs. Especially not cool blue Transformers Optimus Prime Crocs. Sorry, buddy, Crocs are not part of the uniform schedule. I know. I'm the one who enforces it...

It's back to that time of year for me-- the time when all thoughts and energy go toward getting the school back on its feet for the new year. Not that it ever was off its feet, but there are a few weeks in the summer when we all take a deep breath, step back, and consider some bigger picture things for a while. That time is gone now, and our breaths come quick and shallow as detail after detail demands attention. The next 4 weeks or so are my equivalent to an H&R Block accountant's tax season.

So I'm waving goodbye to what has been a good summer, already sighing over the pictures and saying, "Remember when we...?"

PS- When God closes a summer, he opens a Street Sweets truck down the block from work... good grief. Fill your own croissants? C'mon.

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