Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This is why it's good to leave and return

I'd forgotten how much I sweat here.
What I mean is -- how much I would sweat if I weren't a lady, because we all know ladies don't sweat. Going from a cool, air conditioned apartment to the humid, 90 degree temps outside to the humid 110 degree temps in the subway station to the mildly air conditioned subway cars and back again... well, it seems to break some internal body temp regulation. And, like I said, if I weren't a lady, I might just start to have some sort of strange, sweaty hot flash experience.

I'd forgotten how much I appreciate the beautiful eccentricities of New Yorkers.
When I sat down on the subway and pulled out my pink ipod, the man next to me pulled out his pink ipod and said, "Nice pink ipod." I smiled and glanced down. We were also wearing matching toe nail polish (red).

I'd forgotten how great it is to discover new places to meet friends, like the very chill Bohemian Beer Gardens in Astoria, where we were last night. (I'm gonna miss you, Joe and Kristen. Portland doesn't know how lucky it is.)

I know I say this often... but, my friends, I love this city in big way. When I leave and return, my love is absolutely affirmed. I'm not being naive; this place presents its sweat and dog pee smells and crazy expensive cost of living and all its other multiple challenges upfront and clearly. Yet, I love.

And the city loves me too, I know it. As a little welcome back gift to me, I found $40 on the sidewalk today. Thanks, New York, I love you, too.

PS- I did ask all the people around me if they had dropped the cash, and I received plenty of strange looks, but no takers...

PPS - I recently downloaded Justin Nozuka's album, Holly, and am blown away. I highly recommend a listen.


holly said...


So glad you love the album, so good! I am also so glad you love the city and the city loves you. While it was so good to have you "home" here in GR for a few weeks, I am glad you are so at "home" in NYC.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog - really! Thank you...for making the internet/blogworld more interesting...very fun :)mags

Triplet Mom said...

Just downloaded "After Tonight." Can't afford the whole album today.


Laura (B) L said...

Isn't it great to love your city and have it love you back. Makes it really feel like home....even if our families (mainly parents) don't wish us to call it "home".

Laura said...

a long time ago, when i was first dating mike, he told me "girls don't sweat, they glow." my aunt thought it was the most romantic thing and i rolled my eyes.

(but married him anyway)

Lorraine said...

Welcome home. And I'm glad you love NY so much because it truly is one of the world's most lovable cities. The fact that you are so embracing your life there is just a wonderful thing.