Sunday, June 08, 2008

Summer Church

It was exotic. It was exciting. It was the old wool blanket from the trunk on dry, prickly grass with the occasional lazy, buzzing bee checking out the clover. It was the smell of hot car engines and the sound of insufficient sound systems and gospel organ.

It was summer evening outdoor church at the drive in.

My siblings and I preferred it above "regular evening church," by far. And while I now could muse for quite some time about how a drive in church is missing the point in many ways, I'll spare you that and simply say that changing church things up for the summer does have some merit.

Recognizing that Hamptons and the Jersey shore have siren calls, and you've got to get to the Stone Street Oyster Festival early or you'll miss the best of it, and the pace of the city slows just a bit, City Fellowship Church is doing something a little different for the next few months. We've moved operations back to the our apartment, and instead of a "regular" worship gathering, we're sharing brunch, we're singing together a bit, we're talking together about Galatians, we're journaling, and we're praying. It's been a real blessing to me--an uncomplicated, low-key time of renewal. And thanks to the Galatians study, we're re-considering how the gospel is enough. For everything.

The gospel is the way that anything is renewed and transformed by Christ -- whether a heart, a relationship, a church, or a community. All our problems come from a lack of orientation to the gospel. Put positively, the gospel transforms our hearts, or thinking, and our approach to absolutely everything.
You're welcome to join us, you know.


Caitlin said...

Summer church sounds like a
great place to be! Enjoyed
reading about "summer church"
from years gone by.

chelle said...

I think I know of that "summer church" from years ago.
mmmm...gospel organ. I can almost hear the singing,

"I'm so Glad... I'm a Part... of the Family of God.

Anonymous said...

cutest haircut in your 'about me' photo! love it. and summer church sounds perfect.