Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hurrah for the Time Change

Friends with very young children,
I know that the time change messes with your sleep routines. However, I am singing the praises of the time change. It's 6:48 pm and the glorious sun is just beginning to set. What a gift! I love long evenings when I can walk down the esplanade, the Statue of Liberty silhouetted just off shore...

Wait a minute.
It's almost my kids' bedtime, and no one has thought of dinner, much less made it.
Darn it.
Time change.


chelle said...

and it is still dark at 7am

Laurie said...

8:25 service at our church was a bit rough.

Tell your hubby to cook. (That works for me!:)

Lorraine said...

Oh, I so get that....we haven't eaten much before 8pm all week because it's light out so I still think I have time to start supper. I'll get adjusted to it just about the time October rolls around.